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Hello, I'm Selenia 

I am a boudoir/self love, intimate, and wedding photographer.  I have had a camera in my hands for over 12 years! I love to shoot boobs, and butts; but also all the sappy love stuff; it sets me soul on fire. 

I am a mama bear to two little kiddos, I change my hair color a lot, and I am a big fan of tattoos. (I am covered in them) - I am also a certified body piercer, women empowerment coach,  makeup artist, an all around weirdo, a sensitive sap, pizza lover, Netflix junkie, closet singer, and teenage wine connoisseur. I also can eat a whole can of Pringles in one sitting, and for whatever reason, I am pretty proud of that.


I believe that boudoir is more than an empowering experience, I get to witness, and talk to so many beautiful humans that are all completely different, they have different lives, different struggles, and different reasons for coming to see me. It is so difficult, even for me to just sit back and appreciate what we have, and who we are. I feel so enlightened being able to showcase a ladies beauty through my eyes, and help celebrate themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and intimately.

I know that I can't change most of the things that happen in my clients lives, but if I can leave some sort of small positive impact then I feel pretty freaking blessed to been able to do that. My whole life I have always wanted to be able to change lives in one way or another, finding out, and being able to discover that I can do that through my photography was life changing. I work my ass off to be able to continue to follow my dreams, and be able to show myself, and my kids that nothing is impossible unless you let it be.

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