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Fu*ck Diet Culture

Dear everyone who has messaged me lately asking if I want to lose those "extra pounds" or "tighten up" before summer , or RECLAIM MY LIFE by joining their program or doing some sort of detox, etc..

PLEASE STOP, Have you ever thought that the women you are messaging could potentially be in recovery from an eating disorder, or have been struggling with their body their whole life trying everything under the sun to manage it? I got a message yesterday about this, and you know what I did? I WEIGHED MYSELF, something I haven't done in months; and well - guess what, it just confirmed the fact I have gained weight, and it made me wonder if I should cut back on carbs, and I thought this all while walking to my cupboard to grab chips, then I binge ate all day until my stomach hurt then got over that real fast.

I don't want to be a dick, but I believe you're not promoting health, especially MENTAL health, self love/care in any way when you are badgering every female in your friends list to sign up, or telling them they can be "bikini ready" by summer, LIKE HELLO - I'VE ALREADY BEEN BIKINI READY ALL YEAR LONG. I know you may not be realizing that, but I am hoping you do now know that it can actually be mentally poisonous to us folks with body image issues.

I understand if that is how you make your income, or you want to show your own journey with said product but you know - the first thought that comes to mind when I get these messages is - "Wow, this chick must think I need to lose some weight, COOL *insert eye-roll*". It's a slap to the face towards a women's self esteem, MY self esteem, and frankly it is quite triggering. And you know what - It was only the last couple years I realized how shitty this actually is, especially since I have done the same thing, I bought into the bullshit, had terrible mental health because of it, and was in a constant battle with myself and my body!

I do not support these companies, I also don't think any less of you or anyone who does. It is just not for me. But just know, If someone is interested in what you are "offering", let them reach out to you, and please continue your "business" in a sensitive and respectful way as weight-loss talk can trigger a lot of us, and that is what a lot of us are trying to escape from.

There are so many other journeys we can go on towards becoming a healthier version of ourself, hell I have some badass fitness friends who practice this on a daily without shoving it down your throat. They genuinely believe in being healthy all around mentally and physically, but that's not what I am here to talk about it.

That being said, to everyone else, wherever you are in your body image journey, you do you, and do whatever you want with your body, just please do it with love. Also sorry to the people this may piss off but mental health is much more important than your bank account.

Sincerely, Someone who loves their body just the way it is.

#dietculture #bodypositive #selflove #boudoir #calgary

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